Central coordination of the 'TEC for Tic' Research Unit

This project serves the central coordination of the proposed Research Unit. It will facilitate communication between all principal investigators and centers involved and will also foster exchange of younger researchers. It will coordinate all student‐, teaching‐ and gender equality‐related activities and will be responsible for all scientific and financial reporting. Through project Z outreach activities to scientific and lay audiences will be organized including maintenance of the website. The project will also take care of central data management and storage. Importantly, given that the study sites in Lübeck and Dresden will use identical equipment for EEG recordings analytic strategies can be harmonized and can use the same EEG data analyses pipeline. This will ensure coherence of the Research Unit and will also allow pooling of data from the different subprojects towards the end of the first funding period. Such an approach creating synergies through joint data collection and harmonization necessitates high quality and flexible central data storage, inter‐site coordination and effective management.